'Show me the money!' - One of the record top quotes in Hollywood, and from a moving-picture show as new as 1996.
The bit just about not expecting to see any Oscars was intercalary by me, because you can residue confident that a middle-of-the-road feelgood show like 'Jerry Maguire' is not give or take a few to win any Oscars.

Can't you?

Well can you create mentally the amaze when it got appointive for 3 Oscars, and won Supporting Actor!

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Don't get me wrong, I be passionate about 'Jerry Maguire', but the yearly support slapping excursion that is The Oscars is a rummy beast, and the chief awards be to go to severe films, or blockbusters.
Evidence the 9 Oscars active to 'The English Patient' in 1996, and the 11 wins for 'Titanic' in 1997!

So, a pleasant shock indeed to see 'Jerry Maguire' get nominated for Best Picture.

For those who haven't seen the film, here's a transitory condensation...

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Jerry Maguire, compete by Tom Cruise, is a sports causal agent that has a 'Damascus moment' nearly the want of integrity in his occupational group.
He writes a gigantic discourse around it, which gets him fired.
He decides to go it alone, but can only make one head to go next to him, Dorothy (Rene Zelwegger).

His singular case is an underachieving mischief-maker participant that he has no prime but to hold on to on section.

Maguire falls in warmth next to Dorothy but the association seems doomed to go wrong.

The footballer sooner or later makes it big disdain an mutilation scare, Jerry and Dorothy be paid up, and each person lives, er, optimistically ever after!

I esteem the picture show simply because it focuses on midpoint feelgood values - integrity, home support, persistence, and be passionate about.

It's a bad story, told in good health with a severe cast, it was Rene Zellwegger's discovery duty and Cuba Gooding, Jr. won the political performing artist Oscar.
It stand up to repeat viewings for those intensely reasons, so to see it get Oscar known was one of those 'Thank Goodness for that!' moments.

So, the next case you comprehend 'Show Me The Money!' you can rejoinder 'Show Me The Oscar!'

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