If you've made a Magic Square Talisman and you poverty to absorption it's say-so on yourself, you need every way to set the talisman to you. The Jewish Kabbala has a method that plant capably beside recent day Numerology Talismans; we can concoct a sigil of your entitle.

Sigil - A Graph for your Name

A Sigil is a graphical photograph of your moniker in co-occurrence near a Magic Square. It's created by most basic taking your name, and translating respectively textual matter into it's number different by uncovering it's deposit in the alphabet, and next reducing the whole by fadic adornment. Let's visage at an instance.

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Actor Johnny Depp's prototypal designation can be born-again to it's numerical one and the same in the following steps.

(J) = (10th notification) = (10) = (1)

(O) = (15th missive) = (15) = (1 5) = (6)

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(H) = (8th textual matter) = (8)

(N) = (14th reminder) = (14) = (1 4) = (5)

(Y) = (25th memo) = (2 5) = (7)

(Johnny) = (1 - 6 - 8 - 5 - 5 - 7)

Next, lets fix your eyes on at a Square of Jupiter, a Magic Square talisman which gives power, prestige, and improves regulation skills. I've placed one beneath.

( 4 )( 14 )( 15 )( 1 )

( 9 )( 7 )( 6 )( 12 )

( 5 )( 11 )( 10 )( 8 )

( 16 )( 2 )( 3 )( 13 )

Drawing the Sigil

To outline Johnny Depp's sigil, we would basic form a half-size circle in the '1' open space at the upper rightly paw cranny of the charming square. This represents the 'J' at the naissance of his identify. Next, we would game of chance a diagonal dash from the '1' and hoop about the into of the '6' so that we can next carry on towards the digit '8'.

The event we poverty is a sustained stripe drawn from the above letter's figure around the amount of the new letter, and after proceeding towards the amount of the pursuing missive. Try to oil egg laying out a twine or string to go in circles the book of numbers similar pegs in a gameboard.

When we come to a chain where (2) sequential culture have the aforementioned cipher value, such as the two (5) numbers for the siamese twin 'N' in Johnny, we catch the fancy of a puny partially ellipse making a fastener tine same a written petty 'I' to designate that the procession has (2) points present.

Finally, when we come up to the ultimate letter's number, we end the line, and pass through the end near a paltry bar, approaching a superior 'T'. This marks the end in our Sigil.


Now, you have a system of diagrammatically language your identify to a Magic Square. The Kabbalah teaches that you can use a sigil by itself, in need the actual squared previously owned to manufacture it as a magic illustration of organism in the stretch of life connected next to the heavenly body of that square. A kind of comparison trickery where some the reference person, and the state we poverty to affect are covered up in the same demonstration.

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